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One of the attractions of the huge Venetian Casino and resort in Macau is a network of canals designed to resemble those in Venice. The canals have their own gondolas- and gondoliers- some of whom were real gondoliers in Venice. Due to the dismal economic situation in Italy, however, they have left Venice to earn a better living as "fake" gondliers on fake canals, entertaining droves of Chinese tourists.
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With the growth of a wealthy middle class in mainland China eager for all kinds of consumer goods- not always available or affordable in the mainland- a new breed of traders has emerged- purchasing agents. These are people who buy goods of all types in Macau and then bring it across the border- sometimes openly, often by smuggling it- and then reap significant profits by reselling the items in China.
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A look at overcrowding in the tiny territory and the pressures created by the huge influx of visitors, mostly from mainland China
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China's rapid growth has brought prosperity, power and pollution. The environmental consequences and trends on some of China's most endangered species are explored.
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Photographer Daniel Loeff takes snap shots of people filtering through the subways of Beijing.
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Author of Hotel Oakland, Rachel Welles shares images and life stories of the senior immigrants residing in Hotel Oakland.
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Photographer Rob Smith explores the flavors of many local Shanghai eateries through his camera lens.
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While coal consumption levels have slowed, it remains the dominant powerhouse for providing energy.
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"Even if we could not resolve [the India-China border dispute] for the time being, we could at least manage it effectively, not allowing it to affect the normal development of our relations."

Wang Yi, China's foreign minister, during a visit to India, quoted by The Hindu and cited by the Associated Press on June 8, 2014.

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